Blue Goldstone Star Pendant


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Blue Goldstone Properties / Meaning ~

  • Blue Goldstone is a man made crystal of sand quartz glass infused with copper fillings.
  • It was first created in Venice, Italy in the 1700’s.
  • It empowers one with the healing energies of quartz & copper. 
  • Blue Goldstone is helpful for making wishes so when you carry it on you when you are working on manifestation something like your dream job or relationship.
  • Blue Goldstone is a protective crystal that will deflect negative energies & invites good luck. 
  • Blue Goldstone empowers stronger connections to the higher realms of consciousness & psychic awareness which increases greater spiritual perception & amazing magical capacities.
  • Blue Goldstone is a crystal of confidence & ambition which encourages motivation & drive. 
  • Its uplifting energy promotes vitality. 


Width 29mm

Height 29mm