Charoite Grim Repear Pendant

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Charoite Meaning

  • Charoite is an incredible crystal of the Violet Ray
  • Charoite is one of crystal kingdom’s best dream stones & illuminators which allow us access to lessons we have learnt in past lives & helps with healing emotional fears to live in the present & will open us to spiritual guidance for our future.
  • Charoite harmonises the energy between the Crown & Heart Chakras bringing higher vibrational spiritual energy into union with unconditional love from the physical plane & ground it here on the Earth plane where it is required the most. 
  • Charoite is known as the Crystal for This Age inviting us to be in the here & now & reminds us about divine timing (everything has its time). 
  • When worn or carried it invites us to acceptance & be willing to let go.
  • Charoite gives us the courage to start over after life altering events
  • Charoite is a support crystal for those who work with the sick or elderly 
  • Charoite is a crystal of connection for people in isolation as it provides emotional healing for those who suffer acute loneliness & alienation from life
  • Charoite helps us with decision-making & facilitates faster responses to make choices. 

Beautiful Purple Charoite Skull Pendant Hand carved 

Height: 45mm 

Width: 43mm

Weight: 21grams 

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