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1x Citrine chip bracelet

Citrine Meaning

  • Citrine is the Crystal of Manifestation.
  • Citrine brings the energies the sun which is warmth, comfort, energy & vitality. 
  • Citrine stimulates the chakras & brings clarity to the mind & stirs the soul to action. 
  • Citrines energies awakens creativity & imagination
  • Citrine helps us to take the actions necessary to transform our dreams & wishes into reality. 
  • Citrine encourages us to the fullness of life, fresh beginnings & new pursuits.
  • Natural Citrine is one of only 3 crystals in the crystal kingdom that never need cleansing as it does not store or accumulate negative energy. Instead it transmutes & dissipates it which makes it extremely helpful in cleansing the space it’s in. 
  • It works on so many levels by transforming negative thoughts & feelings into positive ones.
  • Citrine is also known The Merchant's Crystal as its properties increase money in your cashbox & account but not only does it assist in acquiring wealth but helps to maintain it as well
  • Citrine is the crystal of abundance & manifestation, magnetising wealth & prosperity,  & success to you. 
  • Citrine invites the generosity & sharing of good fortune as well. 
  • Citrine will help with money ventures & commercial success. 
  • Place a piece in your purse or wallet to attract money & stop over spending (unless it’s on crystal’s then it’s ok 😉). 
  • Citrine supports those who work in sales, banking, casinos and the media. 
  • It is a must have for healers because of its transmutational properties & its ability to increase our energy levels
  • “Citrine strengthens our inner light, creativity & imagination. 
  • An excellent crystal for artists of all kinds. 
  • An excellent crystal in the home as it helps with interpersonal relationships & family problems & promotes solutions & cohesiveness. 
  • Carrying a piece of Citrine invites joy, love & happiness and guards us against those who would break our hearts. 
  • Citrine also shield us against spite & jealousy.
  • “The gift of a Citrine angel or sphere to a newborn brings intelligence, health, happiness, curiosity, confidence, and healing wisdom.” ~ Eason
  • Natural Citrine tumbled stones, when placed where the light can catch them, can clear unfriendly ghosts & entities from the surrounding space. 
  • Create a Citrine elixir & spray or sprinkle it around the home weekly to prevent negative energies from returning as well as inviting more money, abundance & prosperity into your home or workspace.
  • Putting Citrine in the wealth corner of your home or business & in cash register/box.

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