Green Fluorite Rough


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Green Fluorite Natural Rough - #294

Origin Madagascar 

Average length 55 - 60mm

Average Width: 30 - 40mm

Green Fluorite Meaning / Properties ~

  • Green Fluorite will clear negative energy from within whichever environment its placed in bringing a deeply cleansing, renewing energy like a minty freshness to the chakras. 
  • Green Fluorite inspires new ideas, creativity with ideas as well as quick thinking. 
  • Green Fluorite brings healing to the Heart Chakra & invites us to let go of any issues both current and from the past. Green Fluorite facilitates the release of emotional traumas & can help with addictions & toxic things by inviting us to serve our higher purposes for the higher good. 
  • Green Fluorite aligns our thoughts, deeds & words with our true purpose. 
  • Fluorite is most well known as the crystal of intellect. An excellent cleanser of the mind & auras.  
  • Fluorite is great for memory & studying so place it on your desk while studying and frequently look at it and then take it into any subjects or exams
  • Fluorite can be a very protective & stabilizing crystal which is useful for grounding & harmonizing higher vibrational energies.  
  • Fluorite can increase intuitive & psychic abilities.  
  • Fluorite is a favourite amongst energy & crystal healers as it can clear the aura of mucky or murky energies.
  • Fluorite can heighten mental abilities, processing of information & can bring mental clarity & stability.  
  • Fluorite absorbs negative energies from the surrounding area it’s placed 
  • Fluorite will shield the user from psychic manipulation.  
  • Fluorite is such a powerful cleanser that absorb negative energies so cleansing it regularly is really important
  • This amazing crystal brings a calming & balancing energy to the system promoting order over chaos. 
  • Fluorite also invites us to personal growth & changing things we believe cannot be changed. 
  • It invites us to the adventure of living through the desire of new discoveries & experiences. 
  • It encourages us to trust ourselves & helps us to make good decisions. Fluorite will help us to get out of bad situations & can gives us the courage needed to create permanent changes in one’s life




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