Jade Heart


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Jade Heart #1184

Width 40mm

Height 40mm

Jade Meaning / Properties

  • Jade brings deep feelings of peace & calm amidst the chaos. 
  • Jade balances the nerves & soothes cardiac rhythms. 
  • When carried or worn recharges one’s personal energy as well as guards against illness & poor health.
  • Jade is an excellent crystal for all round healing. 
  • Jade is a crystal of love. Helping with support in new love by increasing trustworthiness & fidelity. It helps with creating that ever lasting loving relationship.
  • It increases the feelings of nurturing & love within 
  • Jade is known to bring great luck, prosperity & wealth 
  • Jade is the perfect support crystal for those in the healing & health industry from doctors, nurses, veterinarians to energetic spiritual healers. 
  • Jade is very protective & keeps one safe from harm, bad luck & negativity.
  • Jade has long been known as a symbol of serenity & purity.  
  • Jade will stabilize one’s personality & promotes self-sufficiency. 
  • Jade soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts invoking a deep peace with it. Ideal crystal if you are having a tough time as it seems to create this calm feeling while dealing with lots of crazy. 
  • Jade is known as the “dream stone” as it promotes insightful dreams.  
  • Jade helps with releasing the emotions especially irritability & aggression. 
  • Jade encourages you to become who you really are.
  • Jade helps support the body’s filtration & elimination organs so very helpful with detoxing the body. 
  • Jade is also very well known for increasing fertility & aids with pregnancy & childbirth.