Lava Stone Pendant


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Lava Stone pendant

(great for putting essential oils on as its a pourous stone)

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Height: 30mm

Width: 17mm

Lava Stone Meaning / Properties ~

  • Lava Rock is best known for its grounding & calming qualities. 
  • Lava Rock teaches us to ignite the internal fire within us and allow its true expression to show by giving us the inner strength to overcome any personal challenges. 
  • Lava Rock has the ability to pull one back while bringing one down to earth. 
  • Lava Rock’s power has the ability to boost, motivate & inspire one in whatever situation one finds themselves in whether it appears good or bad it will keep you grounded.
  • Lava Rocks facilitate a rebirthing energy helping those who wear it to shed unnecessary emotions as well as unhealthy habits & attachments. 
  • If you are drawn to Lava Rock it means that it’s time to allow some change into your life & Lava Rock will help with that making it easier. 
  • During this time one will notice a shift in your vibrations which will bring forth further enlightenment with deeper understanding. 
  • Lava Rock ignites the inner flame allowing one to burn out your fears & follow your true soul path.
  • Lava stone emanates protective & successful energies by allowing one to feel at home in one’s body. 
  • Lava Rock's healing energies are very soothing for anxiety & fears that can arise during everyday occurrences. 
  • This crystal brings a strong sense of inner peace & calm 
  • Lava Stone grounds us & strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth.
  • It lends us the strength & stability through times of change & provides guidance & understanding when one needs to bounce back.
  • Lava Rock is also very useful in dissipating anger. 
  • Lava Stone is also an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser ~ just add a couple of drops of your favourite oil/s & enjoy!