Phosphosiderite Tumbled Stones


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Phosphosiderite Tumbled Stones x 1 #463

Origin Peru

Intuitively chosen for your vibrational needs

Average Width 27mm

Phosphosiderite meaning / properties ~

  • Phosphosiderite is a mixture of phosphorus and Iron. 
  • As a healing crystal it works with all chakras to soothe & heal as well as cleanse one’s Aura while providing strength & wisdom. 
  • Phosphosiderite will bring healing in all energetic areas of the subtle bodies. 
  • Phosphosiderite’s vibration connects to our higher heart & third eye chakras by opening, cleansing & purifying them. 
  • Phosphosiderite opens the third eye chakra consciousness to the higher dimensions so that you are able to receive the vibrations of divine love, and knowing that we always have the support of the Universe.
  • It helps one to connect with your soul’s impulses, nurturing one & helps to release all negative emotions held in your cellular memory.
  • Phosphosiderite emits a calming & nurturing energy that assists one to stay focused on one’s spiritual path in this lifetime.