Pietersite Skull Pendant


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Pietersite Skull Pendant hand carved and very unique 

Height 50mm

Width 37mm

Thickness 9mm

Weighs 28 grams 

Pietersite meaning / properties ~

  • “The beauty and essence of Storm is captured in Pietersite with brilliant flashes of golden light amid churning clouds of deepest blue.” 
  • Pietersite is also known as the Tempest Stone as its highly charged energy is palpable. 
  • Pietersite is similar to the vibration as lightning which can clear the air & renew all things. 
  • Pietersite wil discharge negative energies & emotional turmoil while cleansing the aura & bringing calm.
  • Pietersite will create unified activations of the Sacral, Solar Plexus & Third Eye Chakras by providing a powerful increase in the energy of personal will & intuitive abilities. 
  • Pietersite will ground the body's physical energy centers to the etheric realms which increases the focus of one's aim in life as well as enhancing meditation & telepathic powers which allows spiritual journeying & access to the Akashic Records. 
  • Pietersite is an extremely powerful protection stone. 
  • Pietersite is amazing for calming nervous people & animals during storms as well as protection for driving in bad weather & guards homes & businesses against storm damage. 
  • Pietersite will act as a shield against the effects of technology, especially for those who work long hours around computers or live near a mobile phone towers. 
  • Pietersite is excellent for those who struggle with addiction issues. 
  • Pietersite can be an extremely supportive & strengthening stone.
  • Pietersite can boost self-esteem & confidence when worn consistently. 
  • Highly recommended for creative people who lack confidence in their abilities & as a result do not earn money from their gifts.

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