Prehnite Raven Skull Pendant


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Prehnite Raven Skull Pendant 

Weight 22gms

Height 52mm

Width 17mm 

Prehnite meaning / properties ~

  • Prehnite is known as the crystal to heal the healer.  
  • Prehnite will strengthen precognition & inner knowing.  
  • Prehnite calms the environment while also bringing peace & protection.  
  • Prehnite brings harmony & communion with nature & the elemental forces.  
  • It assists with decluttering & letting go of possessions we no longer need, assisting those who hoard possessions or love due of an inner lack/need.  
  • It alleviates nightmares, phobias & deep fears while uncovering & healing the disease that has created them.  
  • Prehnite is excellent for dreaming & remembering. 
  • Especially beneficial for hyperactive children by calming them.
  • Prehnite will heal the kidneys & bladder, shoulders, chest & lungs.  
  • Prehnite will assist with the treatment of gout & blood disorders as well as repairing the connective tissue in the body & stabilising malignancy.
  • amazing crystal to take on retreats, workshops or energetic healing sessions 
  • aids us in releasing the ego whilst achieving spiritual surrender & allows us to stop going against the flow of the universe & allow it to guide us & provide whatever it is we need in that moment.
  • Prehnite brings peace and joy to your mind, body & soul.  
  • It also strongly connects to Mother Earth encouraging a deeper relationship between one’s heart and the earth’s heart. 
  • Prehnite purifies the digestive system, kidneys, adrenals, liver & gallbladder. 
  • Prehnite is such a powerful spiritual stone that brings spiritual action into the world around you which is motivated by our hearts deepest desires for our highest good.

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