Rainbow Aura Arrowhead Pendant


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Rainbow Aura Obsidian Arrowhead Pendant #A

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Height 78mm

Width 36mm

Thickness 12mm

Rainbow Aura Meaning / Properties ~

  • Rainbow Aura is Clear Quartz bonded with 2 metals of Gold & Titanium. 
  • Rainbow Aura will activate all the energy centres in our bodies which will clear a path for the Universal Life Force Energy to actualise throughout the subtle bodies
  • Rainbow Aura brings that  vibrant energy that invites the joy & zest for living. 
  • Rainbow Aura is very supportive of those in a dysfunctional relationship by allowing one to release negative emotions like resentment & grief which don’t allow you to create the best relationship possible. 
  • Rainbow aura brings deeper insights into one’s relationships on multiple levels & helps to let go of karmic ties that may be hindering your relationship/s currently which can transform those relationships to become way more  vital, peaceful, caring & harmonious. 
  • Rainbow Aura is a master healer for every condition.