Rainbow Fluorite Pendant


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Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Length: 23mm

Width 19mm

Thickness 7mm

Rainbow Fluorite meaning / properties:

  • Rainbow Fluorite combines peace, positivity & heart-opening vibrations into one powerfully effective energy tool. 
  • Rainbow Fluorite balances & clears the heart, third eye & crown chakras. 
  • Rainbow Fluorite will cleanse one’s heart as well as one’s head of negative & chaotic energy or limiting beliefs so you can live your life to the fullest.
  • This crystal allows you to let your dreams run wild & let your spirit run free while setting you up for success in manifesting these dreams & making your wishes come true. 
  • In order to harness the most energy from your Fluorite crystal is through meditation. 
  • As fluorite connects to our higher chakras, meditating with Fluorite will allow it to fill your entire mind, body & being with higher vibrations. 
  • When aligned with your heart & head it will clear any energetic blockages
  • Fluorite invites one to make big wishes & actions in order to pursue your boldest aspirations. 
  • Fluorite helps you discover your heart’s deepest desires whilst encouraging one to expand one’s mind & imagination so you can manifest those dreams into reality. 
  • Fluorite will allow you break through your own limitations & boundaries so you can truly discover what you desire & what is possible for you. 
  • Fluorite guides you to see the magic in the universe as well as the magic within yourself. 
  • If you want to make a wish hold Fluorite in your hands & say your wish out loud so it can hold that energy for you & bring into fruition.
  • Fluorite guides one to a peaceful state of being. 
  • Fluorite is amazing for  clearing away chaotic or negative thoughts whilst flooding your mind, body & spirit with higher vibrational energies so you can tap into your inner peace & calm.
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