Rhodochrosite Chicken

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Rhodochrosite Hand Carved Chicken from Argentina #556

Weighs 209grams

Length 100mm

Width 39mm

Height 50mm

Rhodochrosite meaning / properties ~

  • Rhodochrosite emanates one of the most kind, tender & loving energies of any crystal which soothes the heart while comforting the soul. 
  • As a talisman, it brings joy & healing & will help embrace one’s rightful powers & full potential.
  • Rhodochrosite is best known as the Crystal of the Compassionate Heart as it symbolizes selfless love by moving you beyond empathy. 
  • Rhodochrosite focuses one’s loving energy toward the self for the specific purpose of emotional healing. 
  • Rhodochrosite brings the vibrations of self-love, forgiveness & compassion for the inner child within & also assists in reclaiming the magical being one was born to be.
  • Rhodochrosite invites heavenly energies imbued with the golden sphere of Light
  • Rhodochrosite clears blockages in the heart & crown chakras which creates a bridge between the upper chakras of higher consciousness & your lower chakras.
  • Rhodochrosite aligns with the inner child & helps one to reclaim joy & playfulness, creativity & innate talents that may lay dormant. 
  • Known by the Incans as Inca Rose they believed Rhodochrosite was the blood of their ancestral rulers turned to stone. 
  • By wearing or carrying Rhodochrosite it will make one feel more buoyant, cheerful, dynamic & active. 
  • Rhodochrosite is an excellent crystal for calling new love into one’s life whether it be a friend or romantic partner that is a soulmate, one who will helps us learn necessary lessons for our higher good. 

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