Scolecite Tumbleds


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Scolecite Tumbleds x #674

Intuively hand selected just for your vibration

Width 22 - 32mm

Scolecite meaning / properties ~

  • Scolecite is a high vibrational crystal which aids in communication with Spirit. 
  • Scolecite stimulates one’s heart & crown together. 
  • Scolecite facilitates deep spiritual transformation & inner peace. 
  • Scolecite bring’s feelings of calm & deep relaxation
  • Place a piece under your pillow is essential to a restful nights sleep.
  • Scolecite promotes self-healing & self-love. 
  • The energies of Scolecite are likened to the warm, comforting feeling of love which you may experience with those who care for you & adore. 
  • Scolecite is for those who struggle with being alone & head trip into negativity. 
  • Scolecite allows one to rest easy with one’s mind instead of worrying about bad thoughts.