Shungite Tumbleds


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Shungite Tumbled Stones x 1

From Russia

Width: 20 - 30mm

Shungite meaning / properties ~

  • Shungite healing properties have such a massive span from purity to protection. 
  • Shungite has electrical conduction properties. 
  • Shungites properties are best known in regards to inhibiting electromagnetic fields (EMF) from electromagnetic radiation caused by laptops, mobile phones, computers, microwaves, mobile phone towers etc. 
  • By placing shungite near your computer, microwave or around your home it will block out some of their EMF. 
  • Shungite elixers are extremely popular too & can be made by simply placing the crystal in water and giving it a short time to purify it. 
  • Drinking the shungite water is known to have beneficial qualities such as an increased rate of healing & cellular regrowth as well as detoxing the body. 
  • Meditating with shungite amplifies its healing properties and helps with headaches, migraines, back pain, inflammation of the joints & muscle pain. 
  • Shungite healing properties can be useful to help with insomnia, boosting energy levels, reducing stress & anxiety levels.
  • There is alot of scientific research that has been done on Shungite because of its measurable properties in the physical world