Spirit Flower Geode


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Spirit Flower Geode #2

From a recent find in Mexico

Fluorite and Chalcedony

It is a phosphorescent crystal which means under a UV light it will glow

Weighs 20 grams

Height 45mm

Width 33mm

Thickness 20mm

  • Spirit Flower Geodes help for doing inner work with emotional healing.
  • It has such a peaceful, loving energies work to cleanse old wounds & of any energies & thoughts attached to them.
  • Spirit Flower supports inner clarity of the mind, as well as emotional stability. Excellent if one struggles with confusion or moodiness.
  • Spirit Flower Geodes can help to replace stress with serenity.
  • As a meditation crystal one will find Spirit flower Geodes to be very helpful.
  • It will open ones vibrations, one's consciousness & fill it with a pleasant, patient centered energy that can calm a restless mind as well allows one to go easily into deep inner states. 
  • Spirit Flower Geode is excellent for those who do love doing spiritual healing work.
  • Hold a Spirit Flower Geode before beginning a session, because it's energies will clear one's energy system, making one a more open channel for healing.
  • Spirit Flower Geodes are wellsprings of love & serenity.
  • Meditation with Spirit Flower Geode will bring forward the wisdom of one's heart, making love a greater part of one's daily life.