Spirit Quartz Cluster

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Spirit Quartz from South Africa 

Weighs 436 grams

Height 54mm

Width 80mm

Length 140mm

Spirit Quartz meaning / properties ~

  • Spirit Quartz is a member of the Quartz family. 
  • Spirit Quartz is a crystal of harmony & energy. 
  • Spirit Quartz has been likened to "a hundred-voice choir singing in harmony." 
  • Spirit Quartz is deeply spiritually uplifting & also radiates high-vibrational energy in all directions so is very energising & joyful
  • Spirit Quartz aligns all the levels of the aura, chakras & meridians at the same time.
  • Amethyst Spirit Quartz activates the higher chakras while channelling through spiritual information & facilitating multi-dimensional healing. 
  • Spirit Quartz is very cleansing to one’s aura & will also dispel negative attachments & entities & also repair any holes or damage to one’s etheric body. 
  • Spirit Quartz facilitates transitions to higher states of being. 
  • Amethyst Spirit Quartz stimulates creativity & is helpful in artistic endeavors. 
  • When worn or carried Spirit Quartz is extremely energising & brings so much happiness & joy into one’s world.
  • An excellent crystal for anxiety, stress & depression.