Turquoise Silver Necklace


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Turquoise Silver Necklace

Set in 925 silver

Comes with adjustable cotton chord

Length 30mm

Width 15mm

Turquoise meaning / properties ~

  • Turquoise brings the energies of renewal & rejuvenation. 
  • Turquoise invites deep states of calm & tranquility which helps with stress-relief whilst transmuting negative energies. 
  • Turquoise is well-known for its energetic protection & shielding properties. 
  • When meditating with Turquoise it will allow one to enter a peaceful state of relaxation & healing energies.
  • Turquoise is useful for clearing blockages within the Throat Chakra & any suppressed self-expression. 
  • Turquoise is a crystal for strengthening & is great for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks while also strengthens your physical & psychic immune system. 
  • Turquoise stimulates romantic love & promotes spontaneity in romance. 
  • Turquoise heals, balances & cleanses the chakras as well as the physical body. 
  • Turquoise helps us to see all aspects of ourselves, good & bad & to integrate these aspects without judgement. 
  • Turquoise is deeply purifying, dispels negative energy & can be utilised against outside energies
  • Turquoise will stabilise mood swings & encourages calmer emotional states