Howlite Worry Stone


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Howlite Worry Stone - #309

Intuitively hand selected for your vibration

Height 42mm

Width 32mm

White Howlite meaning /properties ~

  • Extremely calming so use it for meditation or place under pillow as antidote to insomnia from an overactive mind.
  • Howlite links into the spirit opening attunement & preparing the mind to receive wisdom so use for past lives too.
  • Formulates ambitions - spiritual and material, aiding in their achievement.
  • Teaches patience, helping reduce anger and rage - absorbs yours or that coming at you.
  • Howlite will help one overcome criticalness & selfishness.
  • Strengthens positive traits.
  • Allows for calm and reasoned communication to take place.
  • Howlite strengthens memory & stimulates one’s desire for knowledge.
  • It calms turbulent emotions especially those due to past life unresolved issues, releasing the strings tying old emotions to present.
  • Use around argumentative/highly strung people to help disperse negativity and calm them.
  • May aid balancing calcium levels within the body, teeth, bones and soft tissue
  • Howlite is a wonderful crystal for reducing anxiety, stress & anger with it’s gentle & soothing energy.
  • Howlite attunes the carrier to higher spiritual energies & consciousness.  
  • Howlite will open one’s mind to receive higher energies hence a great crystal to use during energy attunements.
  • It has a very calming influence & helps to slow an overactive mind therefore helping one to have a deep & restful sleep.