Seraphinite Pendant


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Seraphinite Pendant  #1C

Width: 20mm

Height: 29mm

Weight 16gms

Seraphinite meaning / properties ~

  • Seraphinite supports our connection to angelic beings & facilitates communication with the Divine Feminine as well as enhance clairaudience.
  • Seraphinite helps with one’s search for spiritual enlightenment & assists one with self healing.
  • Seraphinite has very powerful properties one of them being that they help commune with nature spirits.
  • Seraphinite assists us to bring Divine Light into one’s being
  • Meditating with Seraphinite can help you make a deeper connection with The Divine Feminine.
  • Has also been known as the Angel Crystal as they have a powerful vibration that allows us deeper communion with the angelic realm & are also known to bring all of our etheric bodies into alignment with the physical body.
  • Meditating with Seraphinite will help you to make contact with disembodied beings in the higher realms as one starts to resonate with this higher vibration energy and light.
  • Seraphinite will open the crown & the soul star chakra which brings Divine light into your being. 
  • It will also clear blockages from within one’s meridians & aura that will be holding one back from spiritual growth & spiritual healing.
  • The energy of Seraphinite can stimulate an awakening of kundalini
  • Seraphinite will help with emotional healing by allowing one to let go of old issues that no longer serve you.
  • An amazing crystal to work with as a healer or if you just want to use this stone for self healing as is one of the more powerful stones for healing the physical body.
  • Seraphinite may stimulate psychic visions, clairvoyance & clairaudience which may aid contact with nature spirits.
  • Seraphinite will aid you to release belief systems or patterns that keep physical diseases or illnesses you have suffered from in place. 
  • Seraphinite will release muscle tension in all areas of the body & helps with weight loss.

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